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February 19 2015


Review of Black and Decker 20V Lithium Chain saw LCS120

Black & Decker's 20 Volt Lithium chainsaw is an incredible example of contemporary chainsaw technologies. When you think it over, making a chain saw run having a mere 20 Volt battery is an amazing feat. However, we all know in which things in writing and in actual life can be quite different. So I place this tiny beauty with a test of my own.


• With a single demand, LCS120 is capable of creating to 150 cuts of a single.5" diameter

• Reduced 8" kickback bar and low kickback chain enable the agent to handle each soft and difficult wood (as much as 8" in diameter)

• Reduced 8" kickback club and low kickback chain also provide extra safety support to the owner

• Grip handle is soft and also makes it easy to hold the chain saw

• It also has a wrap around handle which can be quite useful as it allows various grips for further control and precision

• Almost zero noise and carbon engine performance

It's small, light and compact. For a chainsaw, the overall footprint is quite small and that's what models it apart from the competition. The particular saw itself measures 8 inches, so don't expect it to produce heavy-duty overall performance. For slicing huge firewood of wooden, you will still demand a bigger and much more powerful chain saw.

When you compare LCS120 to a traditional gas chainsaw, LCS120 happens as totally noiseless. You're not going to look for a chainsaw more silent as compared to this one. You may not find other people complaining in regards to the noise any more and it also eliminates the need of ear protection. Gas chain saw sitting idle is even louder than the LCS120 reducing through the wood chunks.

I had no issues cutting the wood firelogs of diameter up to Eight inches. Nonetheless, beyond that time, you will need to rotate it to go all the way through the particular wood. If your work requires cutting large chunks of logs then this particular noticed doesn't meet your needs and you could be happier using a more powerful one.

When you compare LCS120 to a traditional gas chainsaw, LCS120 comes out as completely noiseless. Click here to know more about zincirli testere (chainsaw).

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